Affiliate Marketing Ideas Proven to Make Money

By | May 8, 2018

This blog post will share 3 proven affiliate marketing ideas that make money. Rather than being miracles that happen overnight, the following ideas are proven long-term strategies. The focus of these ideas is to build up an audience of online readers that will trust the advice you give to them on a regular basis. When your readers start trusting you, they’ll also begin to trust what you recommend to them. By taking advantage of this you can recommend to them useful, quality affiliate products. I learned about this when I read and followed the AffiloBlueprint course.

Idea 1 – Build a Blog that will Make Money:

  • The key to a stable online income is to have your own blog.
  • On your blog, whether your in the weight loss, dog training, muscle building, or any other niche, you need to be writing regular, weekly articles that teach your audience through useful information that enables them to take action.
  • If you provide such useful information, your readers will start trusting you, and see you as an authority within the niche. This will build the trust needed when recommending any product that you can make money from.
  • When your audience trusts you, they’ll also trust what your recommend. To take advantage of this you must only recommend to them the most useful, high quality affiliate products that you know yourself, from having used the product beforehand.
  • Here’s an Example: Enlightenment Gateway. Mark Ling created this website using the exact same techniques taught inside AffiloBlueprint, and this site makes him thousands of pounds each year.

Ideas to Make Money

Idea 2 – Don’t Focus on Banners, DO Focus on Email Marketing:

  • AffiloBlueprint teaches us that email marketing will make more money than banner ads on websites.
  • People who are clicking on banner ads are cold traffic and are proven not to convert.
  • AffiloBlueprint teaches us that you should be using email subscriber list opt-in forms rather than using banners on your websites.
  • Example: Enlightenment Gateway does this correctly, and you do not see a single banner.
  • You pre-warm website traffic, and increase conversions by giving people some incentive to join. This can be in the form of a free e-book. You then follow up by sending your subscribers emails that provide them with helpful information, and relevant product suggestions.

Idea 3 – Attract Website Traffic Organically with Google:

  • Organic traffic from Google is the highest quality and highest converting of all, and following are a few tips for ranking better on the search engines such as Google.
  • Post on a regular basis – Google loves those websites providing a consistent flow of new, fresh content and thus ranks these sites’ posts and pages higher.
  • Use Google Keyword Planner, or the likes, to optimise your posts for keywords that are shown to have a good number of searches (100+).
  • Place your chosen keyword once in the title tag, and once in your description tag.
  • To start learning some more fantastic SEO tips, you should check out AffiloBlueprint.

Affiliate Marketing Ideas

In Conclusion:

  • I hope this blog post has given you some food for thought. These proven long-term strategies, combined with what you can learn inside AffiloBlueprint, can help you to become a successful affiliate marketing entrepreneur, who will know how to be successful using these 3 proven affiliate marketing ideas that make money.
  • I recommend that you now read my blog post about “The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course.”

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