GDPR For Digital Marketing

By | May 21, 2018

This post is about GDPR for digital marketing, and is there a “FIX”? If you’re like me, you’ll have been seeing and hearing a lot about the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation recently. This European Union data protection and privacy legislation is being enforced from 25th May 2018.

So, what is GDPR and why should digital marketers be aware? (These are external links to information).

I was sent some information the other week about a new product that can help with GDPR compliance. This new product is called “WP GDPR Fix.” It is a powerful WordPress plugin that can help digital marketers become compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

For WordPress users, this plugin can be very useful.

WP GDPR Fix is by a company called TeknikForce, who claim that this WP plugin is the “easiest way to GDPR compliance,” and will “save a ton of hassle.”

GDPR For Digital Marketing

The biggest issue for digital marketers is the massive fine for being in violation of this new legislation. And, it’s not only that, you can even be barred from being of all future service to EU customers completely.

None of us want some “weird” EU law to undo all of the time and hard graft spent building our websites and online businesses.

Do YOU Have to be GDPR Compliant?

YOU must be compliant if:

  • European Union citizens can visit your website and interact during their site visit.
  • European Union citizens can supply you with their personal data in any way, or sign up as leads on your website.
  • Your website, or any 3rd party integrations, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc, make use of any cookies.
  • European Union citizens can simply access your website (you don’t even have to be physically selling to them!)

From all I’ve read, GDPR should not be taken lightly. Even the smallest mistake might result in a high fine.

You’ll see that websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, … Have ALL updated their Terms of Service and have made changes to their websites to accord with the GDPR requirements.

They’re covered, are you?

If not, you run a very serious risk.

For the GDPR compliance, you don’t even have to be a European citizen, or European based business to be found guilty and imposed a violation.

Even if you’re located on a Pacific island, and don’t care a jot what’s happening in the EU, you’re at risk.

You don’t even have to be physically selling things to EU customers.

If EU citizens can visit your website (might be very difficult to stop them!) – You can be deemed liable for adhering to the GDPR legislation, being enforced from 25th May 2018.

So you’ll be having to face the consequences. There’s no escape. Because whether you like it or not, your country has a legal agreement about law enforcement with the EU and all other larger countries.

GDPR For Digital Marketing

Important : This plugin may not be 100% enough to meet the complete GDPR requirements of YOUR business. Please make sure you get an independent review done by an expert to understand what other measures you might need to take in addition to this WordPress plugin.

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