How To Be Successful Online Marketing

By | May 31, 2018

The first crucial step to knowing how to be successful online marketing is to first and foremost … Know YOU!

Crucial keys to your online business success are knowing and leveraging your personal distinctive strengths, abilities and advantages.

I began analysing my strengths, and realised that I enjoy writing about my passions. It’s in my DNA! The result was my Smart Route Affiliate website.

For me, the whole process of learning how to be successful online marketing has been great fun! Not to mention generating a new income stream.

I’m sharing this to ensure that you realise there’s no “one-size- fits-all” Internet based business.

Internet Marketing Success FormulaYou are a unique person, with your own unique set of talents and skills that reflect your upbringing, your education, your career, etc.

During this phase, it’s important that you ask yourself the following questions. To help you get more specific about your strengths and how you can leverage them, put your answers to them on a separate sheet of paper. That will help accelerate your journey towards online success.

The questions to ask yourself for how to be successful online marketing:

  • Are you more of a writer,talker,or performer?
  • Do you have any WordPress, HTML, or coding skills?
  • Do you have more free time than money? Or do you have more money than free time?
  • Do you have a monthly budget to work with? If so how much? £20, £50, £200, or £500+ per month?
  • Do you have any professional expertise that would allow you to create an information product or sell consulting services?
  • What are your passions and hobbies? If money and time were no concern, how would you spend your free time to have fun?
  • Are you more comfortable on stage or behind the scenes?

For now, be sure to write down your answers to these questions and identify any additional insights you’ve had about yourself that you can leverage as your unique advantages moving forward.

How To Be Successful Online Marketing

To learn how to be successful online marketing – Who Can You Help?

My first efforts resulted in miserable failure. I failed because I was solely focused on what was in it for me. I kept asking myself the wrong questions, which was why I wasn’t creating my desired success.

When I had to do a hard reset and start over with my side line, I took a new approach, which proved to be the big secret to success.

For years before I had meditated. Even now, I meditate at least once or twice a day.

During that challenging time of failure, meditation was one of the only things that helped me remain positive enough to maintain the emotional energy to be able to start again.

My personal experience with meditation over the years led me to focus my new venture on sharing meditation with others since I’d had such positive experiences.

I looked within at my past experiences, hobbies, and passions to find my niche, rather than following the guidance of “fake gurus,” who made money off of us promoting their systems!

For me, this was a profound shift in focus. “How can I get money from the Internet community?” became “How can I help the Internet community?”

This shift made all the difference for me! My new focus on giving to an audience who could experience the benefits of meditation got me more subscribers, customers, and page views.

I am not alone in experiencing success by focusing on creating websites with content that helps others resolve their problems.

My friend Andre calls these “Tiny Asset Engines,” because once you create a website that gives value to others, it can “work for you” as an asset for years and years.

Here’s another example: Last year, I began coaching Internet marketing, and my focus has always been on how I can be of service to people trying to learn how to make money online.

I knew through my years of trial and error figuring this out that there was no free “how to make money online” training that was teaching the truth about building a successful business online.

I knew this because I’ve spent years looking and figuring out how to be successful online marketing on my own through trial and error.

So I decided to focus on being of service to people who, like I was, are in a situation where they have a desire to succeed with an Internet business but have no clear path to follow.

My number 1 goal is to be of service to this audience. So my blog content simply include actionable, how-to information usually found in paid courses.

If you learn just one thing from this blog post about how to be successful online marketing, it should be this:

Being of service to an audience you can help is the key to online success.

Unsuccessful Internet marketers start trying to figure out what product to promote based on what they think will make them money, and that is the reason they fail.

Successful marketers understand the need to identify an audience with specific problems, challenges, goals, hopes and dreams. They then help them to solve their issues and achieve their goals.

That is the true path to online success.

Your self-awareness and introspection from step one come into play here.

Ask yourself the following questions and come up with your best answers based on what you’ve learned about yourself so far:

  • What comes easily to you that other people seem to struggle with?
  • What problems have you solved that others would love to solve too?
  • Professionally, what have you been helping people or businesses with for years?
  • What problem do you have in your life that you are committed to solving and that will take three to five years to resolve?
  • What are your hobbies or passions? Can you envision researching problems and questions related to them and presenting the best answers to others who share your interests?

Your income lies in your ability to become a problem solver.

The right niche for you is found in identifying the target audience to whom you can be of the greatest service to… In a way, this part of the process will be fun, exciting, and mentally stimulating to you.

Before moving on, it’s important for you to have identified the niche and the audience you’re going to be of service to.

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