How To Improve My Website Ranking In Google

By | May 8, 2018

The question of how to improve my website ranking in Google is the topic for this blog post.

How To Improve My Website Ranking In Google:

1. Write Fantastic Content:

You must provide your audience with quality content throughout your web pages and blog posts as this will result in your website being a strong affiliate money making site.

The lifeblood of any successful website is great CONTENT. Weak content can easily result in a slow and painful end for your site. Whereas fantastic content will really boost the success of your website. It’s even been said that good content trumps SEO and that’s how important great content is. So, you MUST DO IT!

To be able to write great content your first task is to work out what your target audience likes. You can do this by using your own brain and the Internet to search for your chosen subject-matter on Google. Find the pages or blogs of your competition and research what they are doing that is proving effective. Tailor your own website’s content to suit what your audience wants because some may even pass on your content if they like what you’re saying.

How To Improve My Website Ranking In Google

How To Improve My Website Ranking In Google:

2. Use Media Wisely:

To impress your audience don’t simply write page after page of information. The impact can be changed dramatically by choosing media as the focal vessel for your informative content.

Boring text is far less desirable and more difficult to digest than multimedia thus articles containing relevant images can greatly increase total views when compared with articles which do not.

If it really isn’t you when it comes to written text you should consider visual formats such as info graphics and videos. Research what your audience would appreciate most.

Quantity or Quality:

You should write your articles to get across the vital information in the quickest most effective way possible.

If you don’t have time or feel unable to come up with content yourself you might prefer someone to create the content for you. AffiloJetpack could be a good option for you because it comes with the majority of work done for you. It can be your minimal-effort fast-track option.

Get Metadata and Markup Right:

You MUST use title tags, alt tags, internal link elements and so on to your SEO advantage.

How To Improve My Website Ranking In Google:

3. Site Load Time Must Be Quick:

Visitors will NOT hang around waiting on a slow site to load therefore you must watch that your images files are not too large. This can really slow your site loading time down so you need to be sure that you use a high quality web hosting provider such as SiteGround. You should also use an efficient WordPress Theme such as this great conversion focused WordPress Theme.

SiteGround - Fast Web Hosting Provider

How To Improve My Website Ranking In Google:

4. Broken Links:

Broken links can be very irritating for your website visitors thereby making constant checking that ALL of your links are functioning correctly imperative.

How To Improve My Website Ranking In Google:

5. Use of Flash for your Website’s Multimedia Displays:

With some devices Flash has issues with compatibility. So having put in so much effort to enable everyone to see your content you should upload videos via YouTube or Vimeo.

How To Improve My Website Ranking In Google:

6. Have Mobile-Friendly Optimisation:

From phones to tablets your website must load quickly and look great on all mobile devices. You could easily lose out on an ever-growing percentage of website traffic if it is too slow to load.

Don’t get left behind as this is growing year on year!

Your WordPress theme should be responsive or mobile friendly for optimisation purposes.

Mobile-Friendly Optimisation

How To Improve My Website Ranking In Google:

7. Absence of the Basic Pages Required:

You really need your about, contact, and disclaimer pages to meet your legal obligations as a budding affiliate business.

Your about and contact pages help in validating you with your site visitors. Your privacy policy and affiliate disclaimer also build trust with your audience which might even result in more sales.

When you create and optimise your about page be sure that it’s personal and conversational. Tell them who you are, what you are able to do for them and what you have already done for others. Include positive testimonials.

Research the FTC requirements before you create your disclaimer page.

If you incorporate these seven improvements into your website it will ultimately lead to improving your ranking in Google Search.

Crucial Site Building Mistakes To Fix (Video below is courtesy of Affilorama):

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