IBO Toolbox Review 2018

By | May 10, 2018

IBO Toolbox Review
This blog post is my IBO Toolbox Review 2018.

IBOToolBox, or Internet Business Owner Tool Box comprises a community of like-minded online business owners working with each other daily, helping one another in growing their online businesses.

IBOToolBox can also be seen as a social networking site, wholly dedicated to online business owners looking at promoting their business opportunities or other programs to fellow business owners. Having said that, there is absolutely NO spamming or other illicit form of participating allowed whatsoever, making IBO a great community to join. It knocks the socks off the likes of Wealthy Affiliate, AND it’s free!

Socialising and discussing matters within this community is extremely enjoyable and helpful, as well as giving an opportunity to attract like-minded prospects, but only if they get to know and trust you. They will find your business products and services as they look into your profile pages and “Press Releases.”

Being a real authority site, all pages being created via the IBOToolbox platform start ranking very highly on the Google Search Engine. Once you really “GET” SEO and make use of great keywords, you could quite easily achieve a first page Google ranking.

Joining IBO is free and you get access to it ALL, including the webinars, posting your own press releases to promote your own business as well as to help other marketers. You can also send messages to fellow online business owners, earning credits that you can use to post your own adverts.

You can use the IBOToolBox platform to increase your brand’s visibility and website or blog traffic, without having to pay a single penny. This negates any need for PPC (Pay-Per-Click), or any other paid traffic methods. This is a truly unique 100% Free program, with an option of purchasing additional advertising space for $19.95 per month, however this is NOT a requirement.

IBO Toolbox Review 2018 (Pros & Cons):

The Pros:

  1. IBO Toolbox is Completely Free to Join.
  2. This is a highly active community comprising thousands of existing members.
  3. Everybody gets access to the exact same tools and resources – there are no limitations placed on you. (Unlike others I know!)
  4. There are two webinars each week, one on a Saturday, the other on a Wednesday.
  5. You get to meet very friendly and helpful fellow members, with the same goals as yourself.
  6. All content you post will get high ranking in Google, being an authority site.
  7. As opposed to paying for any services or traffic, you have the ability to earn “credits.” This is very enjoyable and focuses your mind on daily tasks you should be doing for your online business success.
  8. To boost your business, you should write a daily press release (these are not “real” P.Rs, but IBOToolBox press releases).
  9. IBOToolBox is a completely “Safe Haven” for online business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers.
  10. IBO “Marketing Courses with Kris” is a relatively new addition and it’s free as well.

The Cons:

  1. It is assumed that all members already know the basics of website design and affiliate marketing.
  2. When you first join, it can be a bit confusing. You need to dig about and search hard to figure out how to do things.
  3. This is not an intuitive program.
  4. There are ALL kinds of online business owners, meaning that you’ll run into people that market pyramid type schemes and MLM type schemes also.
  5. I personally detest MLM. So, BEWARE of the “scammers” operating within the  IBO Toolbox program.
  6. You MUST use your best senses and be on your guard.

Who Is The IBO Toolbox Program 2018 For?

As I said above, this is no training program. This is for people who already knows the basics, and  have their own established online business. For those just beginning and looking for more information about successful online marketing, you can get started with my #1 recommendation. IBOToolBox is a program that can be used alongside my Number 1 recommendation for affiliate marketing training.

I recommend that you use IBOToolBox along with Affiloblueprint.

Training and Tools:

IBO Toolbox “Marketing Courses with Kris” is a relatively new addition and it’s free as well. You can easily message Kris, and you always get a speedy response. There are also videos instructing how to do a variety of tasks within the IBO Toolbox platform. You get shown how to create your own press releases, as well as other things. As you go on you’ll start finding everything you need, and be able to use a lot of fantastic resources that are provided.

IBO Toolbox Review 2018 – Support:

Good support is available within IBO Toolbox. You can also go to the  IBO Toolbox Help Desk for help.

In Conclusion/ My Verdict on this IBO Toolbox Review 2018:

From personal participation and use, IBOToolBox is completely legitimate, and I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start networking with fellow established online business owners and entrepreneurs. You can exchange different ideas and attract more traffic to your website or blog. That has to be a top priority for anybody wanting to build their own successful internet business.

My final recommendation is that you supplement a free membership with IBO Toolbox alongside my Number 1 recommendation – Affiloblueprint.

IBO Toolbox Review

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